How You Can Make Homemade Cleaning Items

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6th June 2017
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6th June 2017
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How You Can Make Homemade Cleaning Items

Whenever we experience a dirt, staining or impurities at our place, we generally prefer using chemical based cleaning solutions available in markets. General public gets immediately attracted towards the commercial advertisements which display that the product can clean unexpectedly faster and with superb efficiency. But, in reality the picture is completely different. Often these solutions leave harsh and destructive impact on the surfaces which cannot be remediated until we appoint a professional for this. All these discrepancies can be removed if one opts for the environment friendly and natural ways of cleaning rather than abrasive products. In this article we will brief you about the methods through which you can prepare natural cleaning solutions for cleaning various areas of your property. So just go through the process and be benefitted.

  • Cleaning Coffee Pot Naturally
    Coffee pot may require a cleaning after it has been used for a longer time. Cleaning is also necessary to maintain the real taste of coffee that is been prepared in it. For this you should fill the pot with one part of distilled vinegar and two parts of warm water and turn the pot on. This will remove the rigid layer of coffee which is on the inner surface of the pot. When the process is finished, spill the mixture from the pot and continue the same procedure twice only with warm water in the pot. With this you will successfully clean the coffee pot and can enjoy the real taste of coffee.
  • Counterparts Cleaning
    Counters of the kitchen also get stain and dirt prone with time. Also the stone tends to get discolored if proper cleaning is not ensured. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and scrub the surface of counters with the mop. Continue this process till the counters get back their original color. Then you can rinse the surface with the help of clean water and do not store any item over it until it is completely dried.
  • Toilet Bowls Cleaning
    Most dirt prone area which requires regular and extensive cleaning is toilet bowls. For its cleaning, prepare a mixture of Borax and lemon juice and pour it in. Use the toilet cleaning brush to spread the solution in each area then flush it off. For bad odor, baking soda can be sprinkled and left overnight. The next day it can be flushed and the problem of odor will be completely gone.

Isn’t the methods simple/ Do try them at your home and get benefitted by it.

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