Electronics Do’s and Dont’s

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6th June 2017
Water Damage Do’s and Dont’s
6th June 2017
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Electronics Do’s and Dont’s

Electronics are one of the most treasured belongings for anyone. But what if this treasured item gets destroyed by fire or water damage. If you want to avoid these mishaps then it is necessary to take extra precaution with electronics at the time of water or fire damage. Below are some of the precautions that are necessary to be taken in order to ensure safety of your lives and property.

Do’s of Electronics

  • Whenever you have experienced water or fire damage at your place, first and foremost thing that is to be done is switching off all the electronic connections and appliances so that short circuit shocks and fire damages can be avoided.
  • Keep distance from the area where live wire is in contact with water.
  • Try to extract as much water as you can with the help of bucket and wiper. Wipe electronic appliances with the help of dry cloth so that moisture can be removed from their surface.
  • Removal of moisture from the surface of appliance is important so that it does not get seeped inside. For this wrap the items in cotton sheets or soak the moisture with the help of paper towels.
  • If the place has been water damaged, then it will be undergoing a cleaning and to protect electronics from that cleaning you should pack them in appropriate sized boxes so that they do not get further affected due to water.
  • Any electric wiring, if hanging above wet floor or carpet is removed so that it does not get in contact with the wet area.
  • Contact an electrician as soon as you can so that any accident can be avoided and the place can be made safe to reside.

Dont’s of Electronics

  • Most importantly, do not turn on any electronics no matter what the situation is. Until and unless the safety of the place is ensured by an electrician do not do so.
  • Do not leave any electronics on wet carpet or water prone floor as this may damage them permanently.
  • Do not try to open any electronics for the purpose of repairing. Chemical leakage in them can harm your skin. Do wait for an expert to arrive and get hold onto the whole situation.

By following these points you can secure your place, family as well as your electronics from any sort of damage at the time of water and fire calamity. Always remember “Prevention is better than cure”.

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