Floor Care

Floor is one such part of the property which experience worst conditions of getting dirt and dust prone. This is because the whole family walks over it with shoes and footwear that possess dirt, grime and soil particles which damages the surface of floor drastically. If these impurities are not removed on time then it can also leave permanent spots and stains on the floor area. But, you do not have to panic or worry about your floor, as we are there to help you out. AJOL Manchester Cleaning  deals with cleaning and maintenance of each type of floor whether it is wooden or ceramic or vinyl. Process or treatment given to floor for resolving the problem faced by them are elaborated as under.

  • Vinyl Floors: Vinyl flooring is one of the most preferred and popular floor at these times. This may be due to its easy maintenance and longevity. But, this doesn’t cover up the fact that their grout lines often get dust and dirt prone. Special pressure washing equipment is used to remove trapped impurities and soil particles from the grout lines and restore their color back.
  • Wood Floors: Wooden flooring also varies in types with each requiring different cleaning method. Alkaline solution is used for cleaning spots and dirt in case of wooden flooring. If the flooring is damaged due to water, then Special drying unit known as Inject I Dry is brought into use to remove moisture from the inner surface of the wood.
  • Ceramic Floors: Ceramic flooring is expensive in nature and requires higher maintenance than any other flooring. If you think that ceramic flooring is indestructible and strong enough to face any damage, then you are wrong. Improper maintenance may also lead to cracks in them. For cleaning, initially the whole floor area is vacuumed so that the dust and soil particles can be removed. Then good quality cleaning solution and standardized cleaning equipments and technology are used to remove spots, stains and spills from the surface.
  • Laminated Floors: Damp cleaning cloth is used for cleaning the surface of laminated floor. No harsh abrasive cleaning solution or equipments are brought into use for cleaning any sort of damage and contamination from this type of flooring.

If you are taking up the cleaning of floor by your own then it is necessary to keep in mind essential cleaning precautions which varies from floor to floor.

For availing this qualitative floor care service you can contact us anytime on our number (0749) 325-3331 and quick assistance will be provided to you.