Frequently Asked Cleaning Questions

Frequently Asked Cleaning Questions:

1Do I have to be home when cleaner visits my home?
No. You just should let our cleaner enter your home and left your instructions if you have any special needs. Our cleaner will complete cleaning job with professional manner. They will left your home and lock the door. If you like to give our cleaner key for next visit, AJOL Cleaning will have a registration document for key keeping.
2If I am not very happy with the service, how do I do?
You have do call AJOL Manchester Cleaning with 24 hours. AJOL Cleaning will send someone to fix the problem for you.
3How do I pay for cleaning service?
AJOL Cleaning accept Check, Visa, America Express, Master Card. We ‘d like to get cash for one time move in/out cleaning service. For regular cleaning customers, we accept credit card, cash, and check.
4How do I do with my dog in cleaning day?
Our cleaner are pets friendly person. You just need to keep your pet stay in one safe place when our cleaner work in your home
5If I have special instruction for my home cleaning service, how do I do?
If you are not at home, please write it on a paper and leave on the front table. Our cleaner will follow the instruction do the jobs for you.
6How do I do if I have to change my cleaning schedule?
Just call AJOL and re-schedule it!
7Why my cleaning cost is different from last visit?
Our first visit cost more time to do a deep clean. Then, next time we spend less time to clean you home. If you have special instruction, like hands wash dishes, organize your closets, etc. These may cost more time
8How do I know can I trust your staff?
Our cleaners all have to do a background check when they got hired. AJOL believe good employee is the essential for success of business. AJOL has training program for every employee, and check for employee’s performance routinely.

Any other questions please call (0749) 325-3331. AJOL Manchester cleaning hope to work with our customers together to get our business stay in top service quality!