Mold & Mildew Remediation

Molds and mildew are considered as the largest biological pollutant in the property, both residential and commercial spaces. These are certain kind of fungal species that grow in the form of multi-cellular filaments known as hyphae. Appearance of molds and mildew are seen greatly in stale foods, but this doesn’t mean that all other places of property are secured from its effect. Any area bearing moisture and humidity for more than 48 hours is likely to encounter mold spores which spread rapidly. These fungal organisms not only affect the strength and look of the property structure but also possessing negative impact for the health of living species.

Molds and mildew releases spores which travel in air and contaminate other areas of the property. Spores borne air if inhaled or get in contact of people can cause health issues like watery and redness in eyes, irritation, allergies, sinus, migraine, nasal congestion, fatigue and other severe respiratory and neurological syndromes. In order to protect your family from risk of getting affected by these health issues then it is necessary to eliminate these toxicities fast.

AJOL Manchester professional inspection and cleaning is an ultimate solution to resolve molds and mildew related problems at your property. We provide quick monitoring and visual inspection to the mold and mildew affected area and stop their growth there only by eliminating moisture. Specialized technologies such as dehumidification and steam cleaning or High Efficiency Particulate Absolute (HEPA) filter are used to disallow mold spores to spread further in that area. Another specialized method used by us to eliminate mold spores from the affected area is Sand Blasting. It is a technique which forcefully propels abrasive material onto mold affected area to remove the spores from the place. This is completely a water free technique which is highly effective in remediating mold and mildew growths from the place.

If you are thinking that availing this mold and mildew remediation service can be a costly affair, then we assure you to deliver this to you at economical rates which will be worth for the quality of work your property will get in return. If you are convinced with our way of working and want to avail this service immediately then all you need to do is contacting us on our numbers and registering your problem with us. Our team will provide you quick response and will be there at your property in few minutes to resolve mold and mildew situation.