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Area rugs, just like your carpet, can be susceptible to getting stains. You still walk on them after all, and they are still on your floor. Therefore making them primary spots for drops, spills, feet, and other sorts of not so other worldly accidents. The concern is how to get these types of stains out of your area rug. The answer is, well, that depends.

Just what this means is simply, the technique for getting any particular stain out of your area rug hinges on the kind of spot and the kind of rug. Not all stains are created equal and neither are all rugs. Particular kinds of rugs, like sisal, are nearly impossible to remove stains from. And particular types of stains, like ones left by furniture stain, can be just about impossible to remove.

As usual, the most significant thing to know is what type of area rug you own. Is it wool? Is it silk? This information will definitely be your greatest ally when dealing with area rugs. The next most vital aspect is speed. You must absolutely deal with a spot or stain as swiftly as humanly possible. It’s a rather simple equation. The longer you procrastinate the tougher it gets. That is a universal reality. It applies to all kinds of carpets and all sorts of stains.

While trying to remove a spot from your area rug remember to never rub it. Rubbing a stain will only push it and spread it further into your rug. Picture dropping a grape on the floor. Oops. Now instead of picking it up for an easy clean up, give it a solid rubbing. Mash it up real good. Yep, kind of makes it worse doesn’t it? So don’t rub, blot the stain.

But before you even get to the blotting, a beneficial tool to have available is a wet/dry vac. These little machines are one of your carpet and rugs’ very best friends. The first thing you really want to accomplish is make use of this vac and extract as much of the spill as you possibly can. This will then leave you with the true stain or spot.

There are probably a handful of practical goods that you more than likely already have in your home that can be utilized for spot removing. Club soda, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and even shaving cream are a number of the household items that can be used to clean up rug stains. Of course you truly need to try a tiny area of the rug to start with. Not all rugs are created equal, remember?

If you find a stain or spot that you are not able to eliminate or are just simply a touch too uncertain of to tackle yourself, simply call a professional. Manchester Rug Cleaning Services are always on standby with tips or with the skills to take care of it themselves.