Unclog Drainage System by Your Own

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6th June 2017
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Unclog Drainage System by Your Own

Clogging of sewer lines can be a common problem at every home. This usually happens if we do not pay enough attention towards regular cleaning of sewage lines. The first sign of sewage defect is improper draining of waste water in the sink and bathrooms. The situation can worsen and can lead to sewage spills inside the home, if proper cleaning and remediation of this issue is not taken on time. This will directly affect the health and hygiene of people by spreading severe water borne diseases like hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid. To avoid all such happenings, here we are providing you with the process through which you can remediate this problem without taking any expert supervision. Follow the simple steps and get your work done.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Before starting up with the cleaning of drainage system, it is necessary to wear protective rubber boots, gloves and respiratory mask so that you do not have any direct contact with the contamination which bears germs and bacteria that can make you ill.
  • After ensuring your protection, take a cup of baking soda and pour it in the clogged drainage system.
  • Then take 2 cups of vinegar and pour it in same place so that it gets mixed with baking soda. You can increase the amount of vinegar if the need arises.
  • When the baking soda will come in contact with the vinegar then it will generate carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide will create bubbles which will force down the drain so that the clogging can be eliminated.
  • When the drainage system is cleared with trapped waste material, toilet paper and garbage then pour hot water in the system and flush the system completely so tha5t the remaining pollutants can be drained away.
  • If the clogging is not remediated with this, then you can also use long handled brush to cleaning the sewage system and force down the contamination so that waste water does not collect inside the home.

This is one of the easiest ways to handle sewage malfunction situation by your own. Also this will greatly eliminate the risk of further serious drainage problem. But, it is also advised that if you are not sure of handling this process by your own, then do seek professional help who are experienced in tackling such problems in quick time and greater efficiency.

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