Vanish Smoky Effects from Walls

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6th June 2017
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Vanish Smoky Effects from Walls

Smoke promoted as a result of fire damage can completely change the pleasant ambience and look of your home. Walls and ceiling area get discolored due to smoke effect which becomes very complex to be cleaned. People often use abrasive tools and cleaning solution to somehow remove this fading from the walls, but this turns out to be to a total fiasco which destroys the surface completely.  This generally happens when we try to resolve things without any prior cleaning knowledge or experience. Most important thing which should be done whenever you experience fire damage is to open all doors and windows so that smoke can be evacuated and its aftermaths can be avoided. If you forgot to take this step and your walls got damaged due to smoke, then follow the below mentioned process.

Instructions for Smoke Removal

  • Firstly open up all the doors and windows and turn on fan so that smoke can be completely evacuated from the place. This will avoid settling of smoke on the walls.
  • If the signs of smoke can be seen on the walls, then before taking up the cleaning process, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles so that you can secure yourself from smoke and soot particles.
  • With the help of dry sponge, rub the smoke stains on the walls so that settled soot and smoke pollutants can be dusted.
  • Then take up the dampen cloth and rub the wall surface until the black stains are completely vanished. Rubbing alcohol can also be rubbed with the help of cloth.
  • Now prepare a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent and mix it thoroughly.
  • Soak a clean sponge in this solution and wipe the area experiencing smoke stain on the wall.
  • Use a dry towel to absorb moisture from the surface of wall. Use fans and air conditioners which will serve the purpose of drying of walls.
  • If you like then paint of suitable choice of color can also be done on the wall so that smoke impact can be covered up.

That’s it. This process will surely help you to bring back the same look of the walls which was lost due to smoke. But, if this won’t help you then do not hesitate to contact our smoke remediation experts who will use professional techniques to rescue your place from smoke damage.

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